How much will you pay in rent?

  What is stopping you from purchasing a home?  Is it credit?  Down payment?  Call me and let’s put a game plan together for you

Phoenix Metro Rents on the Rise

  The article, Phoenix single-family rent prices soar, driven by employment growth, from the Phoenix Business Journal, reports that the Phoenix areasaw the second-highest increase in single-family home rental prices across the country with a 5.5 percent hike year-over-year, according to April data released by CoreLogic Inc. Las Vegas had the highest year-over-year single-family home rental

March’s Priciest Home Sales Record Last 3 Weeks

A home in DC Ranch area that was — at least for a few weeks — the highest-priced residence ever sold in Arizona was the top home sale listed in March. The home, at 20450 N. 108th Place in Scottsdale, fetched $17.5 million from a group called Nummus Properties Ltd., which purchased the property from

Existing Home Sales Bloom After Rainy April

Existing home sales bloomed in May after a rainy April, with the median days on market at a new low and the median sales price at a new high, the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) reports. Existing-home sales totaled 5.62 million, a 1.1 percent increase from April and a 2.7 percent increase from one year prior.

4 Ways Tech is Used in Real Estate

You may not think “real estate” when you think about modern technology, but several advances are making the lives of homebuyers, home sellers, and agents a lot easier – not to mention adding peace of mind with added security measures. Here are a few. 1. Drones Fitting a small camera onto a helicopter drone lets

5 Things You Should Love About Your Home Before You Commit

You swoon at the curb appeal and your heart flutters at the sight of the kitchen countertops, but is the home you’re considering buying really The One? Before you make an offer, be sure you love these six, hard-to-change things about your potential new place. 1. Square footage Too small and you may quickly outgrow

Smell Something?

Whether you have an impending open house or are simply trying to freshen up your home, try these suggestions for getting rid of odors from seven commonly smelly items. 1. Trash cans After rinsing out a stinky garbage can with soap and water, stash a few scented laundry dryer sheets at the bottom to absorb