How much will you pay in rent?

  What is stopping you from purchasing a home?  Is it credit?  Down payment?  Call me and let’s put a game plan together for you

Phoenix Metro Rents on the Rise

  The article, Phoenix single-family rent prices soar, driven by employment growth, from the Phoenix Business Journal, reports that the Phoenix areasaw the second-highest increase in single-family home rental prices across the country with a 5.5 percent hike year-over-year, according to April data released by CoreLogic Inc. Las Vegas had the highest year-over-year single-family home rental

March’s Priciest Home Sales Record Last 3 Weeks

A home in DC Ranch area that was — at least for a few weeks — the highest-priced residence ever sold in Arizona was the top home sale listed in March. The home, at 20450 N. 108th Place in Scottsdale, fetched $17.5 million from a group called Nummus Properties Ltd., which purchased the property from